30 Day Bleach Challenge

Sorry for being MIA these past couple of days, had some stuff going on but I’m back and ready to go! Let’s make up for lost time by doing 3 days in one!

Day 14 - A Scene that made you sad

The scene where Rukia was fading away and saying goodbye to Ichigo T_T how can you not think that’s sad?

Day 15 - Favourite Zanpakutō Spirit

I don’t think anyone can deny that fact that Sogyo no Kotowari is one of the cutest things that ever existed.

Day 16 - Favourite Fan couple

I’ve always been a fan of Ichiruki. They’re so cute together! It just seem right. When you really think about it, how can Rukia and Ichigo not have any feelings for each other? It almost seems impossible.

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